Cole (Diddle) Cole (Diddle) 198137785 Hanging out at the park to surprise Cade. 198137788 One of the boys!! 198137789 198137782 198137786 198137783 The Vet is exhausting!! 198137790 Cole found a old dog toy from our dog Buddy we had for 13 years. I always knew where Buddy was because of the squeaking. Now, I can tell you exactly where Cole is. It is his favorite toy and warms my heart to hear the squeaking again. 198137784 198137787 Yep, this happened... He was on the other side by my feet. I washed a bowl, about to put it in the dishwasher, and this. Of course, I had to take a picture before a time out. ;-) 198137781 Backyard golf... Cole was retrieving the golf balls and hiding them in the corner. 198260587 198260584 198260588 Hunting in the rough on the golf course. So far only golf balls and lizards. 198260586 198260585 A gift from the Vet.... 198557119 198557120 198557122 198557121 Love my new pool! 198557123 198557126 First puppy play date with Ms. Lola.... 198557124 Good times + Tired puppies = Life is good.... 198557125 Lazy summer nights.... 198881543 This little girl was not feeling well. Cole had to lay next to her and make sure she was ok. Sweet boy.... 198881544 Such a pretty face. 198881545 198881546 199133200 Swimming at Grandma's & Grandpa's house. He loved the pool... 199133202 199133198 199133199 They love meeting new friends.. 199133201 199133196 Everyone is exhausted from the day of playing and swimming. 199133197 199133203 Our baby boy is growing so fast. He is just beautiful inside and out... #proudhuskymomma 199620924 Goodbye kisses before school... 200130207 Waiting for school to be let out... 200130209 "What do you mean I am not helping you make the bed?" 200130210 200130208 Always wanting to be right in the middle of everything! 200557254 200557255 200557256 GUILTY!! Dug a burnt cinnamon roll out of the trash. He is pretending nothing is in his mouth. Silly boy!! 200557257 200557258 Love this beautiful smile... 200557259