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Alluga's Siberians

Juliet X Sox litter born March 22, 2017

Juliet has a beautiful litter of six pups....three female and three males.  Colors are dark gray, silver and black.  Tentative take home date will start around May 17, 2017.  Juliet is a beautiful gray/white girl and Sox a rare agouti in color.  She is a bundle of energy and sweetness....always playing, running, jumping and giving kisses.....She likes to sleep on the roof of her dog house:)  She is also a talker......all kinds of vocalizations from this girl!  Sox is just the opposite....completely chill, laid back, whatever and whenever kind of guy.....total teddy bear and so sweet...he is just a big goof ball:)   All of our pups are priced @ 850.00 each and come with a 2 year guarantee on hips/eyes and 72 hour guarantee against viruses. If interested in adding one of these babies to your pack, than please start the process by filling out our purchase questionnaire and then I will call you so we can speak.  As always, please do in depth research on this breed to make sure you and a husky are a good fit.  They are a very high energy breed and will require a lot of time and attention. 

We give all of our puppies temporary names.  We like to give the pups temporary names because we find it easier to communicate with our clients about the puppies if we have a reference name for each puppy.  Our children enjoy picking out names for each of the puppies and we name each litter in a theme.  For Juliet's precious babies, we have given the pups temporary names from the characters of one of my daughters favorite TV shows ever......Friends! 
   Ross is a dirty faced jet black boy and is stunning!