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Alluga's Siberians

Lady X Sox litter born May 26, 2017
Lady has a beautiful litter of seven puppies. One black female, four agouti females, one silver male and one agouti male.    Lady's puppies are priced @ 850.00 each on AKC limited registration, meaning pet only, with no breeding/show rights released.   If you are interested in one of Lady's puppies than start the process by filling out our purchase questionnaire and then I will be in touch with you. If you are approved to purchase, than you would place your 200.00 nonrefundable deposit to be placed on the waiting list.  Puppy selection for families on the waiting list will occur around four weeks of age.  Lady is a very submissive personality and gets along well with all of our pack, even the more Alpha personalities.  She is soooo playful and  carries some very nice champion bloodlines and is such a sweet girl.  Sox is an absolutely gorgeous rare agouti in color.  He is such a laid back guy.  Whatever, whenever is his moto.  He just wants loving and petting and he is happy! So easy to get along with any new dog  that he is introduced to and is so playful! 
We give all of our puppies temporary names.  We like to give the pups temporary names because we find it easier to communicate with our clients about the puppies if we have a reference name for each puppy.  Our children enjoy picking out names for each of the puppies and we name each litter in a theme.  We have chosen to continue with the Roman/Greek mythology theme that we started in Lyric's litter as there is a broad selection to choose from.

~Lady's puppies first photo taken at 9 days of age~

Athena is PENDING!

Lets meet our beautiful Athena! Athena is a rare agouti in color and will have a very thin blaze mask.

Aphrodite is PENDING!

This is our beautiful girl Aphrodite. She is a rare agouti in color just like her father, Sox. What a gorgeous girl!

Medusa is PENDING!

Next up is our striking girl Medusa! Medusa is a dirty faced agouti, which is hard to find in the breed. What a cutie-pie!

Electra is PENDING!

Now lets meet Electra! Electra is the only jet black puppy in the litter. She is a stunning girl!

Calypso is PENDING!

Rounding up the girls is our lovely Calypso! She is a rare agouti and will have a thin blaze mask. Calypso is a gorgeous girl!

Ares is PENDING!

Lets meet the first out of the two boys. Ares is a rare dirty faced agouti. He sure is a handsome guy!

Hercules is PENDING!

Meet our Hercules, the only gray puppy in the litter. He is a charming and classic looking husky!