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Alluga's Someone to Watch over Me

Named after my fathers boyhood home, the Pocono Mountains in PA, Pocono comes to us from Mikayla's Kennels located in Arkansas.  My wonderful father, whom instilled in me at an early age, that hard work and honesty will carry you far in life, passed away several years ago.  In memory of my father, he is named.  I know my Dad is in the highest of places in heaven and that I have "someone to watch over me".   Pocono carries an nice pedigree with strong Troika and Kristari championship lines.  He produces some of the most gorgeous puppies with such unusual masks and his puppies are nothing short of spectacular.  Pocono is a gorgeous gray/white with blue eyes. 

 CERF 01/24/11 - Clear

CERF 04/17/12 - Clear


Pocono's pedigree



3rd Generation

4th Generation

5th Generation


Mikayla's Secret Agent Man

Color:  Gray/wht
Troika's Wild Card
Color:  Gray/wht

INT CH Troika's Blue Norther

Color: Black/wht

Troika's Prince Alexander Troika's Just Brilliant 
Troika's Klondike Gold  
Ginger Blue Naughty But Nice   CH Ginger Blue Cool Hand Luke
Poli's Mariah For Ginger Blu 

INT CH Troika's Bright Coin
Color: Red/wht

AM/INTL CH Troika's Autumn Haze II  Talacon's Polar Kantu
Troika's Artic Fox 
Troika's Black Diamond
Troika's Just Brilliant 
Troika's Klondike Gold

Troika's Artic Wind


Troika's Wild Card

Color: Gray/wht
INT CH Troika's Blue Norther
Troika's Prince Alexander
Ginger Blue Naughty But Nice  
INT CH Troika's Bright Coin
AM/INTL CH Troika's Autumn Haze II
Troika's Black Diamond 

Troika's Artic Silver

color:  Gray/wht
Siberkirk's Omega Red  Monadknock's John Cougar
Siberkirk's Whole Lotta Rosie
Troika's Artic Fox       Troika's Just Brilliant
Troika's Vashti 


Mikayla's Tala Maid


Kristari's Cruise With Me

Color:  Gray/wht


AM/SPAN CH Kristari's Spectator

Color: Gray/wht

Ch Kristari's Joe Montana   AM/CAN CH Sekene's Silver Lining 
CH Innisfree's Persian Rug 
CH Kristari's On My Visa  CH Innisfree's Mastercard 
CH Innisfree's Marquessa 

Kristari's Margarita O'Mainake

Color:  Red/wht

BISS CH Innisfree's Chips Ahoy   AM/CAN CH Kalonik's Woodchip
Innisfree's Designing Women 
CH Kristari's Erlene  
AM/CAN CH Kristari's Pacific Skyline 
AM/CAN CH Kristari's Nugget

Mikayla's Jambalaya Jaz

Color:  Black/wht

Sooner's Royal Remedy
Color: Gray/wht

Boozer's Boy Andre  Tannacross Tuborg Gold 
Alexi's Cameo Of Ayavrik 
Sooner's Roberta        Sooner's Anthony 
Sooner's Red Lakisha  
Mikayla's Natashja Raven Color: Black/wht
Kinski Ebony Mystique  Kismet's Trailblazer 
Dawn's Stormy Echo Lexi Jojo 
Mikayla's White River Lady   Gaylyn's Krystal Blue Boy
Sherio Reashae Treadwell