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Hero's Rhapsody in Red

We were lucky enough to add Rhapsody to our pack in 2012 as a full grown adult.  I have always admired the Night Owl line, especially Pippen, Rhapsody's sire.  The Night Owl bloodline is no longer being produced, so it is very difficult to get a hold of one of Pippen's offspring.  I guess you could say that it makes Rhapsody one of the last Mohicans.  I have been trying to get one of Pippen's offspring for years so I was thrilled when Rhapsody came my way.  She is a gorgeous dark red/white (copper) girl with amber eyes.  When I took these photo's she was blowing  her coat heavily, so by know means does her coat look the best here, but I needed some photo's of her to post.  She is a very sweet, playful girl with a wonderful personality.  A real lover and kisser!!  We are beyond ecstatic to have her here with us and she has been a great addition to our pack.  I am planning on  retaining some of Rhapsody's puppies here so that we can pass her wonderful gene pool unto the future of the Siberian breed for years to come.
CERF exam 03/22/12 - Clear






                                   Rhapsody's pedigree