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Alluga's Siberians

Esme X Aero litter born September 13, 2017

Esme and Aero have a beautiful litter of four puppies.  There are two females and two males in Esme's litter and they are grey in coloration.   Puppies are placed on AKC limited registration, meaning that are puppies are placed as pets into pet homes with no breeding/show rights released. Esme's puppies are priced @ 850.00 each.  Parents are gorgeous with wonderful temperaments to match and within the AKC conformation standard for the breed.  Esme's puppies come with first vaccination and a two year guarantee on hips/eyes.  If you are interested in this litter than please start the process by filling out our purchase questionnaire which is located on our website.  Once received, than I will call you so we may speak.  At that point if you are approved to purchase, than you would place your 200.00 NONREFUNDABLE deposit for the puppy of your choosing. Please do thorough research on this breed PRIOR to contacting me.   Huskies require a lot of time and attention as they are a pack animal.  They are not an easy dog and take a dedicated and committed owner.  They are definitely not for a novice  and  I would consider them a challenge breed.  Siberians are a pack animal and can be very stubborn and destructive if bored, so therefore, they are not meant for everyone. 
We give all of our puppies temporary names.  We like to give the pups temporary names because we find it easier to communicate with our clients about the puppies if we have a reference name for each puppy.  Our children enjoy picking out names for each of the puppies and we name each litter in a theme.  We have chosen to go with a Fall pies that are Thanksgiving treats as the theme for Esme's litter. 

Apple is SOLD!

Let's meet our Apple.  She is a light grey girl with a blaze mask.  Gorgeous lighter shaded girl!

Cherry is AVAILABLE!

Rounding up the girls is our gorgeous Cherry. She is darker grey with an open mask. Beautiful looking girl!

Pumpkin is SOLD!

Lets meet the first of our two boys. Pumpkin is a lighter grey with a blaze mask. Such a charming looking husky!

Pecan is SOLD!

The last of our boys is our sweet boy, Pecan. He is a darker grey with a blaze mask. Pecan is a cutie-patootie!

As porky pig would say......"Th-th-th-that's all folks"