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 Our huskies diet
Here at Alluga's Siberians we feed a food called Exclusive.  We are limited on types of food that we can purchase, as we live in a very rural setting..However, we were lucky when we ran across this food and had the chance to speak with a member of the company that produces it.  We have been feeding Exclusive for three years now and find it an excellent food.  The first ingredient is a real meat.....chicken.  The food offers lots of protein and a good ration of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.  Our dogs love this food and they are all very happy and healthy.  This food costs more a bag than your average food, but remember this is a quality food....in the long run, you always get what you pay for.  The price for a 35 lb bag is around 42.00....Our food bill averages 200.00 a week, approximately 10,000 a year, but we are firm believers in feeding a quality food, this is the most basic of things that you can ever do for your dog....Please, Please do not try to skimp and save money on the food you feed your dog....feeding a low quality food is not healthy for your dog...I have attached a link for PMI nutrition, the company that produces Exclusive...We feed our puppies the Chicken and Rice formula in the turquoise colored bag.  Your puppy will need to eat puppy food for the first twelve months of life and then can be switched over to the adult dog food.  We feed all of our adult huskies the Adult Chicken and Rice formula in the maroon colored bag.  When you click on the link, all you will need to do is type in your zip code to find your closest dealer.  If you don't feed Exclusive, please feed another quality dog food...Your four legged friend deserves it!


Here is a link regarding Siberian husky history....I think you will enjoy reading the history of these amazing dogs.

husky history

Before you purchase a Siberian, please read the following link...This will tell you the things that you may not like in the breed in general.  These are things that need to be considered before purchasing a Siberian.  After all, an informed decision is the best decision.  This article is a MUST READ before you purchase a husky !

Things to consider before you purchase a Siberian Husky


Below is link to an article that I find very helpful in crate training.  This is a great tool to help potty train your puppy.

Wonderful article on crate training your husky

This article I'm posting to help educate all the nay sayers that believe a Siberian husky can't live in a southern hot climate.  This is an amazing article written by Ted Greenlee.   This article goes into great detail on the heat exchange in dogs and how the husky is not only able to tolerate southern hot climates, but is one of the best heat adaptable dogs that you can find.

Article on temperature adaptation in the northern breed

Here is a link to a doggie daycare and boarding facility in the Carrollton, TX area.   Natasha is a wonderful lady with tons of experience in her field.  She and her staff would offer your pooch a wonderful invigorating experience.  Please check out her facility.  Siberians are a pack animal and MUST have stimulation and lots of socialization in order to be truly happy.  Social Pack Dogs  would help secure the happiness and well being of your fur baby!

Social Pack dogs website