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Alluga's Siberians

Puppy Pricing:

Our puppies are priced at 850.00 each and are extremely nice quality.  Our sires/dams are great representations of the breed and carry wonderful proven top champion bloodline pedigrees.  All of our sires/dams are CERF tested yearly with an ACVO accredited veterinary ophthalmologist and have to pass in order to be in our breeding program.  If we have puppies available for sale at this time, please refer to our Available puppies page.  Please read all the the information on our Available puppies page because this will answer many questions on how our waiting list and puppy selection work.  Our puppies are released as pets only to pet homes with AKC  limited registration (meaning no breeding/show rights).  If you are interested in showing your dog in conformation with the AKC, or if you are a owner of a reputable kennel and plan to have the puppy bred when age appropriate, than you will need full AKC registration to do so.  AKC full registration is released on an individual as needed basis for an significantly higher price.  You will need to contact me in order to go over pricing and be approved for this PRIOR to placing your puppy deposit

We reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone.

If I do not find you suitable for any of my own reasons, than I do not have to place a puppy with you.  I do have the right to refuse to sell to you for any reason whatsoever.  If at any time during the process of purchasing, I find that you have become an unsuitable client for one of my puppies, for any of my reasons whatsoever, than I do reserve the right to return your deposit to you and remove you from the waiting list.  I am very particular as to where my puppies go.  All of my decisions regarding where my puppies are placed are made with the puppies well being as the top priority.


Deposit on your puppy is due within one week (7 days)  from the day that you select your puppy or let me know that you want to place your name on one of our upcoming litter waiting lists. Deposit is200.00 and NON REFUNDABLE.  Please make sure that you are seriously wanting to purchase a puppy before you place your deposit.   If I have not received your deposit within the seven day time frame, the puppy will go from "pending" status back to "available" and will be offered to someone else.  I will accept a personal check, US POSTAL money order (must be purchased at the post office), western union, money gram through Wal-Mart,  or cash for deposit.  Personal checks, will need to have a minimum of 14 days to clear the bank before you pick up your puppy.


Final balance is due when puppy turns eight weeks of age. This includes puppies that are being picked up in person or puppies that are being flown to their destination.  If you are unable to pick up your puppy when your puppy is ready to go home with you at eight weeks of age your unpaid balance is still considered due in full.  You will need to get the balance due on your puppy to me by the time puppy turns eight weeks of age and also contact me in order to work out arrangements for me to hold your puppy longer.  If I do not receive FULL payment by the time puppy turns eight weeks of age than you will forfeit your deposit and the puppy will be sold to someone else. I will not hold a puppy past the pickup date unless they are paid for in FULL...NO EXCEPTIONS!!!! I am sorry that I have to type this in obscene large letters and neon colors but it seems that there are always a few bad apples out there who think that they don't have to follow our policies.  Also, if we hold puppy for you after the eight week pickup date  than any additional costs such as unforeseen vet bills for puppy, cost of any additional medications, food and/or supplies needed during the extra time here with us will be paid for by you.  I will no longer continue to hold puppies for longer than the eight weeks of age pickup date and pay for addition costs.  Holding a puppy for you for extra time is considered a courtesy on our part and we will not incur any costs or expenses on your behalf. Puppies photos are also not updated to website if puppy is being held here as a courtesy for you after pickup date has passed.  Again, holding a puppy for you after pickup date has passed is a courtesy.  Any additional costs incurred by puppy while they are spending additional time here with us will be paid for by you when you pick your puppy up.  Final balance payment can only be made in cash, US POSTAL money order, western union wire or money gram wire through Wal-Mart. I will not accept a personal check for final payment under any circumstances. If you show up at my home to pick up your puppy and want to write me a personal check, or pay with a money order that wasn't purchased from the postal service, I will not accept it, and you will have to reschedule your pick up appointment date when you have appropriate form of payment. There are to many fraudulent cashiers checks and money orders out there and that is why I will only accept certain forms of payment.  Believe me, I have had more than my share of people trying to scam me and because of this I have had to become very strict on what type of payments I will accept.  I have also had bad checks given to me for final payment in the past so that is why I will not accept them for the final balance due when you pick up your puppy.  It is sad that there is always someone who has to ruin it for everyone else.  


UPDATE:  We no longer offer shipping on our puppies.  You must arrive in person to pick your puppy up.

Your puppy will be released to you at eight weeks of age if you are coming in person to pick up the puppy.  If for some reason I feel like the puppy is not eating well enough yet on his/her hard puppy kibble than I do have the right to hold the puppy longer than the eight weeks pickup date.  If there is any other complication with the puppy that requires them to stay longer here with us than I do have the right to hold puppy longer until I feel that the puppy is ready to go to your home.  My ultimate concern is the puppy and I will always do what is best for them.  If this requires you to reschedule your pick up date appointment than I am sorry for any inconvenience. If your puppy is flying to his/her new destination than the puppy can not be released until the puppy is eight weeks of age or when whether permits. The entire purchase price of the puppy, plus the shipping cost,  will need to be paid in full by the time the puppy is six weeks of age...NO EXCEPTIONS. If I have not received the full amount, including shipping charges, by the time the puppy is six weeks of age, then your deposit will be relinquished  by you and the puppy will be offered to someone else. Your puppy will then be shipped when he/she turns  eight weeks of age or when the weather accommodates.  There are temperature guidelines in affect that are set and regulated by the airlines.  Your puppy can not fly if the temperature is to be over 80 degrees or under 32 degrees during the hours that your puppies flight will be taking place, so keep in mind, that the flight may have to be rescheduled if the temperatures are predicted to be outside the acceptable guidelines.  The flight may even need to be at night or early morning in order to fall within the temperature guidelines for having your puppy flown.  You will need to be very open and flexible on the day and time that you will be picking your puppy up at the airport.  We need to make the best trip for the puppy, which may or may not be convenient for you, but ultimately it is the puppies well being that needs to be placed first and foremost.   Please understand that once I drop the puppy off at the airport that I am no longer considered responsible for the puppy.  The airline is now the responsible party.  I feel airline shipping is very safe or I would not ship your puppy to you this way.  We have never encountered a problem with airline shipping but I want to make it clear that once the puppy leaves our possession that the airline is now the responsible party.  If there is anything that occurs during the time the puppy is in the care of the airline than you will need to take this up with the airline and not us.

Puppy price does not include the cost of flying the puppy to an airport close to you.  If your puppy will need to be flown to you, there is an additional shipping charge of 375.00.   The  375.00 fee will cover the following:

1. Cost of the airline ticket for your puppy

2. The vet visit.  The vet visit includes a fecal testing and thorough physical exam done by our vet.  The puppy must pass his/her physical exam and pass the fecal test in order to obtain the health certificate which is needed for your puppy to fly on the plane.

3.  The health certificate

4.  The crate that your puppy will arrive in.  You keep the crate.

5.   A delivery charge for driving the puppy to the airport.  This is about a 2 1/2 hour drive for me round trip, not to mention the additional hour at the airport waiting in line and filling out the paperwork.

6.  Overnight delivery package fee.  This is the paperwork for your puppy that will be sent next day delivery via the U.S Postal Service to you the on same day or the day after your puppy is flown to you on his/her flight.  I always try my best to get this sent out the day of the puppies flight but if the flight is in the late afternoon or night than it will be sent the following day.

We have our puppies flown out of Tyler, TX.  We use American Airlines or Continental Airlines.  I will not have puppies flown on major holidays.

Alluga's Siberians currently has puppies in seventeen states across the U.S.A.:










New Mexico

New York







and the country of Mexico