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Puppies Due Soon!

Waiting lists given below for all of our upcoming litters.  As the breeder, we always obtain the right to first pick from each gender, from any litter if we so desire.  This means that even if we are not listed on a waiting list, if I see a puppy that I want to hold back for myself, than I have the right to do so. Our pups are priced @ 850.00 each and are released on AKC limited registration as PETS only.  No breeding/show rights.  Read the bottom of this page for information on how to get your name on a waiting list.  


No buns in the oven at this time!

A Must Read Please:

Please do extensive research on this breed PRIOR to inquiring about purchasing one of our puppies.  Read up on husky breed characteristics through the internet, magazines and books.  Go to dog parks, sit and watch the huskies, talk to the husky owners about the experiences they have had with their own Siberian.  This dog is so much more than just a pretty face, there is a challenge behind those beautiful looks, and you need to make sure you can really handle that challenge.  They require much time and commitment and are not the easiest of dog breeds.  Make sure you willing to follow through with all the time, obedience training and energy required for a northern breed of dog.  I do not recommend a Siberian husky for novice dog owners.  I am VERY serious about my puppies and want them placed only to the best of homes where they will live out their lives as a cherished member of your family.   Dogs are NOT throw away items that you can discard when you find them no longer useful to you or your lifestyle....when you commit, than it has to be for the LIFE of the dog, through all the good times, as well as all the bad times. This is not a commitment that ends when you have a baby, move to another town, change jobs, get a divorce, when your Siberian husky acts like a husky and chews up your couch or any other excuse that you would like to use in order for you to try to justify you abandoning your dog.....Your dog will be there beside you for all of the ups and downs in your lifetime....IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO BE THERE FOR YOUR DOG AS WELL!!!  If you can't commit your entire self over the next 12 to 14 years of your life to the most wonderful  breed of dog that God ever created, than please............ DO NOT CONTACT ME!

Please see below for details on how the puppy purchasing process works for our 

waiting lists: 

Puppy purchasing process:

1.  Select which litter you would like to receive a puppy from.

2.  Fill out our purchase questionnaire

3.  I will review your questionnaire and than call and speak with you on the phone.  I like to go over breed characteristics  with you in order to make sure a husky puppy is the correct fit for your home and lifestyle.  I will also ask you a lot of questions.  Please do not be offended by my questions.  My puppies can not speak, so I am their advocate and I am asking questions on their behalf.  I just want to make sure that you will give our puppy a great home:)

4.  If you are approved, than you will place your 200.00 deposit.  Once I receive the deposit, than your families name will be added to the next available slot on the waiting list which you prefer.  Deposits are non refundable, so please make sure you really want a puppy before you send in your deposit.

5.  When the puppies in the litter are born and turn four weeks of age than puppy selection begins.  Families on the waiting list will select their puppy in the order in which their name falls on the list.  You may drive to our home to select your puppy in person or you may select your puppy from the photo's that will be posted on our website.  If for some reason you are not happy with the remaining puppies when it is your turn to select, than you may roll your deposit over to another upcoming litter at that time.  As the breeder, we reserve the right to first pick of each gender from any litter.

6.  Puppies are picked up in person at eight weeks of age.  The remaining puppy balance of 650.00 is considered due in full when puppies turn eight weeks of age regardless if they are being picked up at eight weeks of age or if they are being held for a later pick up date for you.  I will not hold a puppy for you after their eight week age mark unless the puppy is paid for in full.   If you do not have your puppy paid for in full by the weekend after the puppy turns eight weeks of age than you will forfeit your deposit and the puppy will be placed into another home.  

Please read our take on Siberian eye color: 

 Please remember we DO NOT breed for eye color here, but for the correct conformation and temperament of the Siberian. Eye color is not and never will be a priority for us. If you are purchasing a husky puppy based solely on blue eyes than you are purchasing a Siberian for the wrong reason.  There are so many wonderful characteristics of this breed that eye color should not even be considered a deciding factor.  If you feel you must have a blue eyed puppy and will not consider anything else than we are not the breeder for you.  Instead, feel free to find a breeder who breeds for eye color.  In doing so, you will find many back yard breeders who do no genetic testing on their breeding stock and take cheaply bought poor quality blue eyed huskies and throw them together to produce a blue eyed litter.  Breeders like this concentrate on producing blue eyes to make money because they know blue eyes sell, and in doing so, they continue to produce poor quality representations of the breed.  You will find many Siberians from back yard breeders that produce Siberians that are way to big or small for the set standard.  This is because that breeder is breeding for blue eyes only and not the correct size and conformation of the dog.   This is not what we are about here.  Our puppies come from very expensive high quality Siberians that carry magnificent championship lineage whose bloodlines have been genetically tested through out the years in order to reduce any genetic problems in the breed.   We want to improve the Siberian husky by only breeding the correct representation of the Siberian, not tear it down.  Producing a sound quality Siberian is and always will be our top priority.  Eye color to us, is well, exactly what it says it is....it is just a color.  After all, I don't recall picking out my husband's or children's eye color...it is just one of the many things that make them unique...just like your Siberian should be too!