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Hero's A Star Is Born

Meet our Star!  She is an absolute wonderful girl.  I love her headpiece and she has excellent conformation.  I vow someday to get some good pictures of this girl, as the photo's I have posted just do not do her justice.  She is heavily pregnant in most of them and a wet mess in the other, playing in her water tub.  Star is a HUGE water lover and will submerge herself completely in her water tub...she loves to play and splash the water everywhere, such a silly girl!  She is a complete love bug and will smother you with kisses.  She has such a wonderful temperament.  I can place her with any of my other Siberians and she always gets along wonderfully with everyone.  I am very fond of her father, Smokey, from the Nickerbee's line.  He is an exceptional boy and my only regret is that I only have one of his offspring!

A photo of young Star with her favorite object in the world.......Her water tub!!!!!
Baby photo at 6 weeks of age


                                     Star's pedigree




3rd Generation

4th Generation

5th Generation


Nickerbee's Stop-Drop and Roll

Color: Black/wht

Artic Wind's Stolen Treasure


AM/CAN CH Inisfree's Treasure Hunt
CH Innisfree's Hunter
AM/CAN CH Innisfree's Benchmark
Innisfree's Trelawney
CH Innisfree By Design
BISS AM/CAN CH Innisfree's Tradewind
CH Innisfrree's Chandalar Sage
Artic Wind's Crickett
CH Overland's Teddy Ruxpin
Ma-Pal's Bobkat Black Bart'ntux
CH Overland's Mountain Laurel
Pochahatas AB O'Sigard Sibe
CH Aatukwoods Formal Affair CGC TT
Aatuk's Shoeshone AB O'Sigard

Halo Impaired Angel

Color: Black/white

Sigard's Young and Restless
Skrimshaw's Black Hills Gold
MBIS/BIS AM/CAN CH Kristari's Firechief O'Tahluu
CH Karasmova's Chynna
Highlander's Shagedelic Baby
BIS/BISS AM/CAN CH Highlander's Austin Powers SD
CH Kristari's Daisy Mae
Artic Winds Simply Divine
BIS/BISS AM/CAN CH Highlander's Austin Powers SD
BIS/BISS CH Solocha's Magnum PI CGC
CH Yukonwind's I'm Your Lady
Artic Winds Dakota Abosigard
CH Aatukwoods Formal Affair CGC, TT
Aatuck's Shoshone AB O'Sigard


Hero's Parole Violation

Color: Black/white

Northern Lights Spirit Abay

Color: gray/white

CAN CH Seadream's N'Lights Just Do It
MBIS CAN/AM CH Cedarstone Seadream Navygator AOM
CH Rockland's Starr Attraction AOM
CAN CH Cederstone's Clearly Canadian
CAN CH Seadreams's Iky Pur Attraction CAN WD/TT AM/CAN CH Alcinta's Lazer Of Northern Lights
Kimlan's Mirka Seadream
CAN CH Northern Light's You're My Destiny AM/CAN Desloupiots Orion Des Etoiles
CAN CH Innisfree Kilkenny CAN WD
Kimlan's Loukia Desloupiots WLD
CAN CH Northern Light's Swift Move
CAN/INT/BELG/FR CH Kimavik's Jason Of Northern Light's
CAN CH Snowprancer's A Dream Come True

Ravenwood's You Talk To Much 

Color: Red/white

Storm Chaser Of Ravenwood
Chocktaw Sequoy Hoyman
Barron's Appache Tuson
Cherikee Red Barron
Cherikee Red Barron
Sunshine's Black Frost Buddy
Ginger's Springtime Rose
Lauradale's Wynter Ice Storm
Midnight Trail Blazer
Nikita Chinook Of Botier
Private Eye's Long Journey
Dixieann's Eye CatcherSnohomish's Make-Me-A-Winner
Snohomish's Whiteroad